Company dedicated to overloading connectors for electrical connections provide overall solutions and products. The company has rich technical experience and good capability of matching, has become a large domestic enterprises outstanding supplier.

Company Introduction

About Us

Xibaishi Electric Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and innovative modern enterprise. The company specializes in the field of heavy-duty connectors and provides total solutions and products for electrical connections. The company has rich technical experience and good supporting capabilities. It has become an excellent supplier for many large domestic enterprises. The products are exported to all over the world and are well received by the market!

Excellent performance

Xibashi heavy-duty connectors have excellent performance under various harsh environmental conditions. The products are widely used in rail transportation, industrial automation, equipment manufacturing and other fields. Compared to traditional linking methods, the use of heavy-duty connectors reduces field connection after equipment or vehicles leave the production floor; increases productivity and reduces the quality risk of field connections.

Reliable connection

With the in-depth development of industry automation, more innovations have emerged in the product equipment industry. For example, many devices have adopted modular design and continue to expand functions according to application needs. The use of heavy-duty connectors including pneumatic modules, large battery modules, battery-shielded modules and D-Sub modules not only enables fast links between modular devices, but also ensures signal and power transmission. For mechanical equipment manufacturers, not only can safe and reliable links be obtained, but also installation time can be saved and overall production costs can be reduced. For the users of the terminal, they can install the operating equipment freely without the guidance of professionals, and the maintenance is also simple. This not only increases the effectiveness and utility of the mechanical equipment, but also reduces installation time and reduces equipment maintenance time.

Quality Assurance

The company has advanced production testing equipment and perfect quality management system. It has modern operation sites such as injection workshop, hardware workshop, die-casting workshop, assembly and mold workshop. The technical experts participate in the production process guidance. The products have passed the international certifications such as C E, C Q C and R O S H.

Supreme service

In the process of trust-based cooperation with customers for many years, Xi Ba Shi listens carefully to the needs of customers, and provides specific and innovative solutions for special customers in addition to the basic functional requirements. These customized solutions derive long-lasting effects and create value added for customers...